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  • Woody Original Marker Drawing by Ronnie Cutrone Woody Original Marker Drawing by Ronnie Cutrone

    Ronnie Cutrone Woody Original Marker Drawing by Ronnie Cutrone

    Purchase Woody Original Magic Marker Drawing by Ronnie Cutrone on Card Stock Paper Modern Street Pop Artwork.  1988 Signed Dated Original Magic Marker Drawing Size 5x7 Woody Woodpecker Original Hand Drawing by Ronnie Cutrone. Comes With COA. Ronnie Cutrone, a prominent figure in the contemporary art movement, notably gifted the world with his renditions of popular culture icons. Among these masterpieces is his 1988 original magic marker drawing of Woody Woodpecker, a character synonymous with animated brilliance. Crafted meticulously on card stock paper, this piece vividly captures the essence of Woody with the distinctive style that Cutrone was celebrated for. What makes this drawing exceptionally unique is its origin in the heart of the modern street and pop art scene, where Cutrone's reputation was firmly rooted. Woody Woodpecker, with his iconic laughter and mischievous antics, becomes a perfect muse for Cutrone's exploration into the intersection of popular culture and street art. Measuring at an intimate size of 5x7, every stroke and shade of the marker reflects Cutrone's dedication to detailing and his mastery of expressing dynamism through minimalism. The bold contrasts, the playful aura, and the unmissable signature of Cutrone, dated '88, mark this piece as a testament to the era's artistic evolution. For collectors and art enthusiasts, the inclusion of a Certificate of Authenticity (COA) further elevates the drawing's significance, ensuring its authenticity and value. It's a stark reminder of when pop culture permeated street walls, galleries, and the hearts of many, through the hands of artists like Ronnie Cutrone. This piece, both in its subject and execution, stands as an embodiment of an era where animated characters were not just for entertainment but also a powerful medium of artistic expression. 


Ronnie Cutrone
Renowned graffiti and pop artist, Ronnie Cutrone emerged on the international art scene in the late 20th century, solidifying his status as a defining figure within the genres of street and pop art. Born in New York City in 1948, Cutrone's journey into the world of art began at a young age, fueled by the vibrant cultural scene of the time. His early encounters with graffiti art, characterized by its raw expression and social commentary, significantly influenced his artistic trajectory. Cutrone's artistic style is best understood in the context of the 1980s, a period marked by a confluence of pop culture, politics, and emerging counter-cultures. His work, known for its stark colors, bold lines, and incorporation of popular culture references, resonated with the aesthetic and thematic concerns of the pop art movement. Influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol, whom Cutrone served as an assistant for nearly a decade, his work adopted the pop art tradition of elevating the everyday and mundane into the realm of art. He skillfully blended this with the rebellious energy of graffiti, producing pieces that were at once reflective of contemporary society and challenging of its norms. Cutrone's connection with Warhol and his Factory provided him with a unique platform to engage with some of the most significant figures in the pop art world. This experience, combined with his deep roots in the street art scene, allowed him to develop a style that was a dialogue between these two art forms. Cutrone's work, while borrowing heavily from the visual language of both pop and street art, brought a distinctive perspective to these genres. His pieces, often featuring cartoon characters and symbols from popular culture, provided a critique of American society, consumerism, and the media, echoing the themes prevalent in both pop and street art. Cutrone's innovative style and thematic focus not only contributed to his rise as a significant figure in the world of art but also played a crucial role in expanding the boundaries of both pop and street art. He challenged the established norms of what could be considered art, taking the raw, often marginalized art form of graffiti and combining it with the more recognized genre of pop art to create a unique blend that was both engaging and thought-provoking. Despite his passing in 2013, Ronnie Cutrone's legacy continues to influence the contemporary art world. His works, with their potent mix of pop culture imagery and street-art sensibilities, remain an enduring testament to his ability to transcend genre boundaries and challenge societal norms. Today, Cutrone's pieces can be found in numerous public and private collections worldwide, demonstrating his lasting impact on pop and street art. His unique approach to these genres, characterized by a blend of audacious colors, popular culture references, and societal critique, continues to inspire artists globally, marking him as a pivotal figure in the history of 20th-century art.
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