Sesame Street

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  • Tickle Me Anarchy! Archival Print by Denial- Daniel Bombardier

    Denial- Daniel Bombardier Tickle Me Anarchy! Archival Print by Denial- Daniel Bombardier

    Tickle Me Anarchy! Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print on 290gsm MOAB Fine Art Paper by Graffiti Pop Art and Street Artist Denial. 2022 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 25 Artwork Size 18x24 In the world of Denial, memory is important, because it is the basis of his work, as it nostalgically encourages the audience to engage with it. As a result, his art is as familiar, as it is disturbing because it reveals the most unsettling parts of society, the ones we are in a “denial” of. No matter its controversial history, graffiti is less and less viewed as a form of vandalism.


  • Sesame Street Uniqlo Plush Toy Box Set Object Art by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Sesame Street Uniqlo Plush Toy Box Set Object Art by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Kaws- Brian Donnelly Sesame Street Uniqlo Plush Toy Box Set Object Art by Kaws- Brian Donnelly

    Sesame Street Uniqlo Plush Toy Box Set Object Art by Kaws- Brian Donnelly Limited Edition Designer Collectible Pop Artist Artwork. 2018 Limited Edition of Unknown Rare Stuffed Animal Plush Object Art Size 12x19.5 ish Each of Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Elmo & Bid Bird in a Kaws Sesame Street Box. Never Displayed, Opened To Verify Contents. Pop art, street art, and graffiti, contemporary artists often venture into unprecedented mediums, shaping dialogues that resonate with the global urban audience. One such mastermind is Brian Donnelly, popularly known as KAWS, whose unique artistic pursuits have consistently challenged the conventional boundaries of these genres. A striking example of his creative genius is the "Sesame Street Uniqlo Plush Toy Box Set," a limited edition masterpiece that intertwines nostalgia with modern artistic flair. Launched in collaboration with Uniqlo in 2018, this collection garnered instant acclaim, not just for its impeccable design but also for the sheer audacity of reinventing children's toys into coveted art pieces. Drawing inspiration from Sesame Street's iconic characters – Cookie Monster, Bert, Ernie, Elmo, and Big Bird – KAWS infused his distinct touch, morphing these symbols of childhood innocence into art objects that spoke of larger cultural contexts. The plushes, roughly 12x19.5 inches each, exude an inimitable charm, nestling within a specially designed Sesame Street box branded with KAWS' signature. Beyond the obvious appeal to Sesame Street fans, KAWS' collection is a testament to pop art's evolving narrative. It encapsulates the artist's penchant for repurposing popular imagery and transcending traditional art mediums. This seamless blend of commercialism and artistic expression, a hallmark of KAWS' oeuvre, reflects the dynamism of contemporary art. The decision to have this collection released globally through Uniqlo stores and its web store further underscores the democratizing spirit of modern-day art, making it accessible and relatable to a broad audience. As collectors and enthusiasts strive to acquire these limited edition plushes, it is evident that KAWS has once again reaffirmed the potency of pop art, sculpting conversations that are as endearing as they are profound.


  • Cookie Monster Sesame Street Archival Print by Adam Lister

    Adam Lister Cookie Monster Sesame Street Archival Print by Adam Lister

    Cookie Monster Sesame Street Archival Print by Adam Lister Limited Edition on 300gsm Hot Press Matte Fine Art Paper Pop Graffiti Street Art Artist Modern Artwork. 2023 Signed & Numbered Print Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 18x24 Archival Pigment Fine Art Cookie Monster From Sesame Street Eating A Cookie in Glitch Style In the ever-evolving realm of pop and street art, certain pieces stand out not only for their visual appeal but also for the memories and nostalgia they evoke. One such compelling piece is the "Cookie Monster Sesame Street Archival Print" by Adam Lister. This limited edition artwork, produced on 300gsm Hot Press Matte Fine Art Paper, showcases the iconic Cookie Monster from Sesame Street in an avant-garde glitch style, marking a fusion between childhood memories and modern art trends. Adam Lister, renowned for his unique blend of pop and graffiti art, captures the essence of contemporary street art by merging the past and the present. The artwork’s size, 18x24, ensures that the vivid details and textures are prominent, offering the viewer a fresh perspective on a beloved character. Limited to just 50 prints for this edition, each piece is signed and numbered by Lister himself, highlighting its authenticity and exclusivity. The choice of archival pigment underscores the commitment to durability and longevity, ensuring that the artwork remains as vibrant as the day it was created. Drawing inspiration from the raw energy of street graffiti and the emotional resonance of pop art, the "Cookie Monster" print by Adam Lister is a testament to the artist's innovative approach. By presenting a universally recognized character in a glitch style, Lister challenges viewers to reconcile their memories with this contemporary representation, pushing the boundaries of how we perceive both art and popular culture.


  • Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume- 400% Be@rbrick Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume- 400% Be@rbrick

    BE@RBRICK Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume- 400% Be@rbrick

    Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume- 400% BE@RBRICK Limited Edition Vinyl Art Toy Urban Collectable Art Figures The Bearbrick x Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume Version 400% is one of several figures released in collaboration between Medicom Toys and the children’s show Sesame Street. The blue fury Cookie Monster Bearbrick stands 11 inches tall, and is the second Sesame Street costume figure released after the Elmo Costume figure kicked the collection off in 2019. The Bearbrick x Sesame Street Cookie Monster Costume Version 400%


  • OxyCookie Blotter Paper Archival Print by Ben Frost

    Ben Frost OxyCookie Blotter Paper Archival Print by Ben Frost

    OxyCookie Blotter Paper Limited Edition Archival Pigment Print Art on Perforated Blotter Paper by Ben Frost pop culture LSD artwork. Australian contemporary artist Ben Frost is best known for his bold, irreverent Pop Art. His instantly recognizable take on pop culture twists up everyday iconography from the world’s biggest brands. Subverting meaning and messages from the mainstream media, Frost’s scything commentary on advertising, entertainment, and politics is both confronting and controversial. Ben Frost is utilizing imagery familiar to western culture in order to make a statement about the culture itself on the basis of consumerism, modern icons, big corporations, etc. Animation characters, pop icons, brand logos, and many more are transformed into vibrant artworks and find their place in galleries. With this in mind, and in the case of Ben Frost, it is futile to try to identify a clear borderline between low and high art. In reality, the artist wants the audience to think on the terms of high or low value and, by extension, what these actually mean. Over the years street artists have managed to establish themselves as respected creators and some of them have even gained international fame, transforming graffiti from a fringe art, aiming sometimes to mark street gangs’ territory, into big business.


Sesame Street

Sesame Street has emerged as an influential theme in pop art, street art, and graffiti, transcending its origins as an educational children's program to become a fixture in contemporary art. This vibrant transformation reflects not only the cultural impact of the show but also how its iconic characters have become ingrained in the collective memory across generations. Characters from Sesame Street have found new life sprayed onto city walls, repurposed through stencil art, and reimagined in gallery spaces, their images speaking to the nostalgia of youth while often carrying more profound social commentary. Street artists, in particular, have co-opted the images of Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and others, embedding them into the visual language of urban landscapes. In doing so, they merge the innocence and educational purpose of the characters with the raw and expressive energy of graffiti art. This intersection creates a compelling dialogue between the playful innocence associated with Sesame Street and the often gritty realities of urban living. The artworks serve as a bridge between disparate worlds, introducing a sense of whimsy into environments sometimes perceived as harsh or unwelcoming.

These depictions are not merely aesthetic insertions. They embody the ethos of street and pop art as vessels for messaging, with Sesame Street characters being used to comment on issues ranging from social inequality to political rhetoric. This usage is an insightful counterbalance to the characters' original roles as benign educators and companions to children. The bright colors and recognizable forms catch the attention of passersby, drawing them into a deeper engagement with the underlying messages of the pieces. Pop artists, on the other hand, often take a different approach by incorporating Sesame Street into their work through techniques like appropriation and repetition, common to the pop art movement. By doing so, they elevate the status of these television characters to that of cultural icons, much like Andy Warhol did with his depictions of Marilyn Monroe or Campbell's Soup Cans. The result is a dialogue between high and low culture, questioning what constitutes art and what serves as mere entertainment. In galleries and exhibitions, Sesame Street's presence challenges traditional notions of what is considered "worthy" of artistic reinterpretation, underscoring the show's undeniably profound impact on culture.

The presence of Sesame Street in these artistic realms not only reflects its widespread recognition and appeal but also speaks to the versatility and adaptability of its characters as symbols. It also points to the complex role that television and entertainment play in our lives, from childhood into adulthood. These characters, though initially conceived for a children's program, carry layers of meaning that extend far beyond their educational intent. When placed in new contexts, such as street art or pop art, they evoke discussions about memory, nostalgia, and the societal values embedded within our shared media experiences. Sesame Street's foray into pop art, street art, and graffiti art exemplifies the dynamic and fluid nature of cultural symbols. By shifting from television screens to the streets and galleries, these beloved characters have taken on new roles as commentators and reflectors of the societies that embraced them. Through artistic reinterpretation, they continue to teach not only the alphabet or counting but also about the power of imagery and the endless possibilities for the characters that have grown alongside multiple generations.

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