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  • Ice Tiger Camo UltraGiclée Print by Simone Legno

    Simone Legno Ice Tiger Camo UltraGiclée Print by Simone Legno

    Ice Tiger Camo UltraGiclée Giclee Print by Simone Legno Artwork Limited Edition Print on SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper Graffiti Pop Street Artist. 2023 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 300 Artwork Size 17.71x23.62 Bape 30th Anniversary Collection With COA Simone Legno, hailing from Italy, stands tall in the contemporary art scene, having carved a niche with his distinct blend of Japanese-inspired motifs and pop art flavors. He is the brain behind the renowned "tokidoki" brand, a testament to his ability to blend colorful and adorable characters seamlessly. Over the years, his artwork has ventured into collaborations with a plethora of fashion and lifestyle bigwigs, amplifying his already substantial influence in the art world. The "Ice Tiger Camo UltraGiclée Giclee Print" is a shining beacon of Legno's artistic prowess. This piece is a part of the Bape 30th Anniversary Collection and was meticulously crafted in 2023 as a limited edition, with only 300 prints available for avid art aficionados. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist himself, vouching for its authenticity and uniqueness. Delving into the specifics of the piece, one is immediately drawn to the detailed "Ice Tiger Camo" pattern. This design is a masterful concoction of snowy camouflage infused with the fierceness of tiger motifs, embellished further with iconic tokidoki elements that are quintessentially Legno. What's more, the medium chosen for this piece — the UltraGiclée print — showcases Legno's commitment to quality. This giclée process, revered for reproducing digital images with a rich color spectrum and unmatched detail, is utilized here on the finest SIHL Ivory White Matt Paper. The result? A piece that resonates with the ethos of street art and graffiti, capturing the dynamism and vibrancy of urban culture, while also paying homage to the subtle intricacies of pop art. Simone Legno is an Italian artist, graphic designer, and creator of the famous "tokidoki" brand. He is best known for his cute and colorful characters and his collaborations with various fashion and lifestyle brands. Legno's artwork combines Japanese culture and pop art elements to create a unique visual aesthetic. An UltraGiclée print typically refers to a high-quality, limited-edition print made using the giclée process. This method involves using an inkjet printer to reproduce digital images on various substrates, such as canvas or paper. The result is a print with a wide color gamut and superior detail, making it popular among artists and collectors. In the context of this artwork, "Ice Tiger Camo" is a pattern design created by Simone Legno, featuring elements of icy and snowy camouflage with stylized tiger motifs and other signature tokidoki elements.


Simone Legno
Simone Legno is an Italian artist, graphic designer, and illustrator, best known for creating the popular brand and character universe "tokidoki." Born in Rome, Italy, in 1977, Legno developed an interest in drawing and design from a young age. He studied at the European Institute of Design in Rome, where he received his degree in Graphic Design and Communication. Legno founded tokidoki in 2003, and it quickly became an internationally recognized brand. The brand's name, "tokidoki," means "sometimes" in Japanese, which Legno chose to represent the ephemeral nature of life and the hope that something magical can happen at any moment. The brand features a unique blend of Japanese and Western cultural influences, combining cute characters with edgy, street-style elements. The tokidoki universe includes a diverse cast of characters, such as Donutella, Unicorno, and the Cactus Friends, which can be found on a wide range of products, including apparel, accessories, and toys. Legno's distinctive and colorful art style has also led to collaborations with major brands like Marvel, Hello Kitty, and Sephora. Today, Simone Legno remains an influential figure in the world of contemporary art and design. His work continues to inspire fans and fellow artists alike, as he consistently pushes the boundaries of his craft and explores new creative avenues.
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