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  • Pandemonium Silkscreen Print by TOMO77 x Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Shepard Fairey- OBEY Pandemonium Silkscreen Print by TOMO77 x Shepard Fairey- OBEY

    Purchase Pandemonium Silkscreen Print by TOMO77 x Shepard Fairey- OBEY  Hand-Pulled on Cream Speckletone Fine Art Paper Limited Edition Artwork Obey Pop Culture Artist. 2021 Signed by TOMO77 & Shepard Fairey & Numbered Limited Edition of 300 Artwork Size 18x24 Silkscreen Print "TOMO77 has documented a period marked by isolation and confusion, from the earliest anxious days of the pandemic through more than a year of political and social unrest. Amid this graphic testimony of uncertainty, uproar, and division, TOMO77 leaves us with one question: Where do we want to go from here?" -Shepard Fairey- OBEY. The collaborative work of TOMO77 and Shepard Fairey in the "Pandemonium" silkscreen print profoundly represents the tumultuous period that marked the early 2020s. This limited edition piece, hand-pulled with four colors on cream speckletone fine art paper, stands as a cultural artifact, encapsulating the essence of street pop art and graffiti artwork. Signed by both TOMO77 and Shepard Fairey, the artwork is part of a limited run of 300, each piece numbered, indicating its value and scarcity. The artwork's dimensions, 18x24 inches, provide a substantial canvas for the intricate designs and stark contrasts that have become hallmarks of both artists. TOMO77's contribution to this piece is particularly poignant, as his work often grapples with themes of human behavior, social upheaval, and the influence of capitalism, especially within the context of an immigrant lens. The "Pandemonium" print reflects these themes, addressing the global disarray and introspection during significant societal and political unrest. Shepard Fairey's partnership with TOMO77 on this project enhances the narrative potency of the piece, as Fairey's legacy in street art and activism art adds depth to the print's conceptual framework. Through their combined efforts, "Pandemonium" becomes more than just an artwork; it is a visual question posed to the audience, challenging them to consider the direction of human progress in times of crisis. The print represents the artist's technical prowess and commitment to using art for reflection and potential change.


TOMO77> Pop Artist Graffiti Street Artworks

TOMO77 is an artist whose practice encompasses the realms of street pop art and graffiti artwork. His artistic journey began with a foundation in graphic design and has expanded over three decades to include a broad spectrum of visual arts such as illustration, painting, collage, and mural creation. A resident of Costa Rica, TOMO77 is known for weaving themes of human behavior, capitalism, and pop culture into his work, often reflecting on his perspective as an immigrant.

Artistic Evolution and Medium

His evolution from design to fine arts demonstrates a fluidity in medium choice, often determined by the emotional and conceptual demands of his projects. The materials and techniques he selects are in service to the ideas he wishes to communicate, transcending the need for verbal language and instead offering a universal visual dialogue.

Exhibitions and Accolades

TOMO77's work has been featured in significant galleries and has been part of notable exhibitions such as "Panopticon" at StolenSpace Gallery in London and a retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art & Design in Costa Rica. His series "Pandemonium" was recognized as "Best Editorial Project 2022," highlighting his critical engagement with the tumultuous times marked by the pandemic and social unrest.

Collaborative Works

The artist has also collaborated with other notable figures in the art world, including Shepard Fairey. These collaborations have not only enriched TOMO77's work but have also brought his incisive visions to a broader audience, solidifying his role as a commentator on contemporary issues through the lens of street pop art and graffiti.

Impact and Legacy

TOMO77's influence on the street pop art and graffiti art scene is significant, characterized by his blend of graphic design with fine art and a commitment to artworks that are both aesthetically compelling and thematically profound. His work prompts reflection and urges a societal self-examination, positioning him as a pivotal figure in the contemporary art landscape.

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