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  • Sale -30% Rest Archival Print by Tran Nguyen

    Tran Nguyen Rest Archival Print by Tran Nguyen

    Rest Archival Pigment Fine Art Limited Edition Print on 290gsm Moab Entrada Paper by Artist Tran Nguyen Modern Artwork. 2019 Signed & Numbered Limited Edition of 50 Artwork Size 20x20 Archival Print Tran Nguyen, an artist renowned in the spheres of modern, pop, and street art, offers a mesmerizing visual experience with "Rest." Crafted in 2019, this piece encapsulates the haunting beauty and intricate detailing for which Nguyen is celebrated. The artwork showcases a juxtaposition of life and mortality, symbolized by the ethereal figure of a woman and a skeletal figure, both enveloped in a tapestry of flowing hair and ornate patterns. The vivid contrasts of dark backgrounds against the pale, luminescent skin of the woman, and the opulent greens evoke emotions of serenity, contemplation, and the inexorable intertwining of life, death, and nature. The print, titled "Rest," stands as a testament to the prowess of archival pigment printing, known for capturing every nuance and stroke of the original masterpiece. Utilizing 290gsm Moab Entrada Paper, a medium revered for its ability to hold rich colors and provide an impeccable texture, the artwork promises longevity and a pristine visual appeal. Each piece, measuring a balanced 20x20 inches, becomes a statement of elegance and profundity, perfect for art aficionados and collectors alike. Further enhancing its allure, "Rest" is a limited edition offering, with only 50 prints available worldwide. Each of these prints is meticulously signed and numbered by Tran Nguyen, ensuring authenticity and exclusivity. The artwork serves as a sublime representation of Nguyen's artistry, where the realms of the real and the ethereal meld, provoking introspection about existence, beauty, and the transient nature of life.


  • Sale -30% Miranda and Caliban Giclee Print by Tran Nguyen

    Tran Nguyen Miranda and Caliban Giclee Print by Tran Nguyen

    Miranda and Caliban Artwork Giclee Limited Edition Print on 310gsm Museum-Grade Archival Paper by Pop Culture Graffiti Artist Tran Nguyen. Miranda and Caliban by Tran Nguyen Fine-art Giclée print on Canson Aquarelle 310gsm museum-grade archival paper 13 x 18 inches Limited Edition of 75 Signed & Numbered Printed with ♥ by Static Medium "I often paint figures enveloped by nature such as birds. I'm interested in the relationship between the two and how they co-exist with one another on the picture plane." -Tran Nguyen


  • Sale -30% The Yellow Passerby & I Silkscreen Print by Tran Nguyen

    Tran Nguyen The Yellow Passerby & I Silkscreen Print by Tran Nguyen

    The Yellow Passerby & I 6-Color Hand-Pulled Limited Edition Silkscreen Print on Coventry Rag 290gsm Paper by Tran Nguyen Rare Street Art Famous Pop Artwork Artist. rtist: Tran Nguyen Title: "The Yellow Passerby & I" Medium: 6 Color Screenprint on Coventry Rag 290gsm Paper Edition: 100 Markings: Signed and Numbered by the Artist Dimensions: 18" x 26"


Tran Nguyen

Tran Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American artist and illustrator known for her ethereal, dreamlike artwork that often combines traditional and digital media. Born in 1987, she immigrated to the United States with her family as a child. She studied illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), where she earned her BFA in illustration. Nguyen's work is characterized by its delicate and intricate style, featuring surreal landscapes and figures that seem to float in space. She is heavily influenced by her background in traditional Vietnamese art as well as her fascination with nature, psychology, and the human experience. Her art often explores themes of identity, belonging, and the emotions that accompany these concepts. Tran Nguyen has worked with various clients across different industries, including editorial, advertising, and entertainment. Some of her clients include The New York Times, Smithsonian Magazine, Tor Books, and Simon & Schuster. Her work has also been featured in galleries and art shows around the world. In addition to her commercial work, Nguyen has received numerous accolades and awards for her art, such as being included in the annuals of organizations like the Society of Illustrators and Spectrum Fantastic Art. She is known for her ability to evoke strong emotions through her art, making her work both visually stunning and deeply resonant with viewers

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