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  • Zest Orange Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN x

    Zest Zest Orange Spray Paint Can Artwork by Montana MTN x

    Zest- Orange Limited Edition Rare Spray Paint Can Artwork Crossover by famous graffiti paint maker Montana MTN. Montpellier writer ZEST (TNB, WALLNUTS, RS, KD) has been the protagonist of our latest Limited Edition. A self-taught illustrator, sculptor and writer since the early 1990s, he has managed to define a style characterized by characters who follow the figurative cans of the old school with an abstract and advanced touch.



Zest is a graffiti artist's pseudonym. Graffiti art is a form of street art that has gained recognition over the years, with some artists achieving international acclaim. Some famous graffiti artists include Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, among others. Graffiti can be expressed in various styles, including tagging, throw-ups, and elaborate pieces, with some artists even incorporating stencils, stickers, and other mixed media into their works.

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